About us

Brand story

Pacific Watch Company is not your average brand.
We’re selfish.
We built this watch for us.
We care about a cleaner environment, local manufacturing and independent retail.
We’re travelers, explorers, adventurers.
We want analog. Another notification while I’m approaching the summit? No, thanks.
We expect function and fashion. 316L stainless steel and sapphire crystal? Yes, please.
We need a dependable travel companion. 100m water resistance and 30-month battery life. A must.
Designed in America. Assembled in America. Has passport, will travel.
We built this watch for us.
We hope you like yours, too.

The mission

Pacific Watch Company is a modern brand selling “Slow Goods." Slow Goods is the antithesis of fast fashion and is a new way of operating a product business. We focus on local, small batch, high quality and environmentally friendly production.
We make watches that are engineered for outdoor adventure, beautifully designed for the field and the office, and contribute to the greater good.
Everything we do is a nod to the spirit of travel. The more people explore our planet with meaningful experiences the better chance our environment has to thrive for future generations.


Slow goods movement

Every product decision we make follows a philosophy we call, slow goods.
Slow goods values environmental impact, quality long-lasting materials, thoughtful production and investment in local jobs and economies.
We can't complain about mom & pop stores closing on Main Street when we buy the cheapest product online with five-star reviews and two-day shipping.
We can't complain about pollution and waste when our closets are full of fast fashion brands.
There are hidden costs to quicker and cheaper.
We all vote with our wallets. How do you vote?


Pacific Watch Company is a purpose-driven brand.

We design high-quality timepieces for modern-day adventurers who think like us; the future can be better than the past and while it’s the present, make it count.